Secret Ceremony


Johnny in the Corner (Johnny Cashpoint and I) return to this week's Songfight! fray with "Secret Ceremony". I actually recorded all of the music for this (minus the backing vocals) last Monday while waiting for the titles to show up. After recording the backing mix, and still having no title yet, I emailed J$ and asked him if he wanted to, to pick a title and work up some lyrics and a vocal track for it. I really like what he came up with. This was a pretty unique collaboration for me, as this is possibly the first and only time I've given up a song i've recorded to someone else to write the lyrics and vocal arrangement. I really had no doubts or reservations as far as Johnny was concerned as the more I worked on the mix, the more it became evident to me that I wanted him to sing it and I was arranging it with that in mind. Thanks again to Johnny Cashpoint for another fun and inspired collaboration. If you're really wanting to hear it and can't wait for the update, you can probably listen to it here.

The Bloody Hams


So the big latest news from the land of shite is that it looks as though i'll be motoring up to Seattle, Washington on the weekend of September 11th to play a show with Songfight! supergroup "The Bloody Hams" at The Jewelbox Theatre on September 12th. We will be opening for The Mighty Octothorpe. Should be buttloads of fun. It will certainly be buttloads of driving but I haven't had a good roadtrip in awhile so I'm up for it. It was either this or burning man and this just seemed cooler, both literally and figuratively speaking.

I posted a couple new mixes I made last night. Basically, it's just me doing guitar and vox. These are 2 of the songs I'd most likely do at the show in Seattle.
Gonna be your man
Unless I change my mind

Hack n' Jack


So I helped out fellow songfighter c. hack on his tune this week. It's called can't take our love away and he did a really excellent job with it. I do the backing/harmony vocal stuff and the percussion. Great tune by a really good artist. Check it out!

por favor


tengo una nueva canción que escribí para este week's songfight. it's llamado por favor e it's en la lucha roja it's sobre conseguir una danza del regazo. ¡vaya escuchan toda la música fina en este week's Songfight! y escoja a su favorito.

"Police fielded a flood of tips but still had no motive Monday for the daring theft of "The Scream" and another Edvard Munch masterpiece by armed robbers who barged into a lightly guarded Oslo museum and ripped the paintings from the walls before the eyes of stunned visitors.

"It can only be with horror that you react to something like this," Deputy Culture Minister Yngve Slettholm said by telephone, also expressing shock over what he said was Norway's first armed art theft."

What I want to know is did the curator’s face look like the one in the painting when he found out?

My favorite Songfight! tunes this week


Well, I do a lot of Songfighting and lots of running my mouth and opinion on the board there. This week, I actually listened to every song in all 3 fights. And these are my favorites, for what it's worth. I highly encourage checking them out.
Gin or Ginsing (Jim of Seattle)
Chainsaw (obscurity w/JB)
Jimmy Hat (Redcar)

Songfight! Poster Boy


I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse but for what it's worth, I'm the Songfight! poster boy this week. And while you're laughing at my self portrait, shot this morning during my morning coffee fix, check out some of the fine, fine music in this fight.

Johnny in the Corner


Johnny Cashpoint and I are working on a songfight tune this week. It's the "Jimmy Hat" fight (I stand corrected JB) and we are Johnny in the Corner. I forget which color fight it's under, but that doesn't matter because you should go check out all the songs at Songfight! anyways. Especially ours. It should be posted on Monday or Tuesday. I've done 3 songs now recently with Johnny Cashpoint and i've really enjoyed working with him. Here's a couple links to the other 2...

quentin tarantino
let it be

Jimmy the Hat


Well, I said I wasn't planning on doing Songfight! this week but it looks like I may end up contributing to a song in the "Jimmy the Hat" fight. Contributing is the key word here. I'm not really at liberty to mention to who I'm contributing but I will say that the rough mix of the tune I thought was pretty good.

Remixfight! rising from the ashes


I've been doing some pro-bono for Remixfight!, the fledgling community of loop-based recording artists that Bryan Baker set up. Bryan is a man of many projects and little time and as such, the site was in need of more support from the community at large so I stepped up and started helping out with the updates. There's currently a really good project underway, a remix of Future Boy's "Brown Boxes", which i'd never heard before starting this remix. It's a pretty cool song too! I've downloaded the loopset and have started to put something together, and I have until the end of the month to finish it.

brody has been working on this secret stealth project for a couple months now. Unfortunately, our schedules are pretty whack this month and it looks like it might be a few weeks before Eric and I can get together and record any more new material. I've been working on stuff seperately for this project but we get alot done when we can work together in the same space.

No songfight this week for Jack. although, i'm itching to collaborate with Leaf62. And i have this collaborative thing i've been working on with obscurity, which i hope to wrap up very soon.

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