Hope You're Ok


Couple of new tunes to share. I'll be doing this weeks Songfight!. The song is called "Hope You're Ok" and i did it with Leaf and The Hip Cola, a couple of awesome Canadien musicians and guys in general. A friend of Leaf's just passed away a few days ago, so we sort of dedicated the song to his memory by taking his last name as our band name this week. This was such a seemless, easy, and awesome collaboration and i'd really love to do more work with these guys in the future. So, check out the Hedefine track on Songfight!, in fact check them all out because that would be the prudent thing to do. plus, it's all good!

I also posted a cover I recorded of Emmylou Harris's song "Waltz You Across Texas". This was for a little project for something called The Gift of Music and seeing as the holidays are pretty much over, I posted it on somesongs.

Also, I've got a new remix I did of the Donkey T tune "Sleepless", which I'll post a link to next time.

A Bientot

Run Faster


Hey now....I've gotta new tune up over on Songfight! It's called "Run Faster" and it's sort of a new years jig if there were such a thing. I used a bunch of fiddle loops I got online, mixed that in with a bunch of drum loops I made in reason, and added a bunch of other stuff on top of that. It was fun to do and alot of work. Get your booty on over there and check out all the other fine tunes this week and don't forget to pick your favorite.

I also have a new remix on Remixfight. It's a remix of DeRon's "When I Want Romance". This was also a fun project. I love working with string samples and he had some good ones. You can check out my remix here, and all the other remixes of DeRon's song here.

and I created a new blog for my MC Jack in the Box stuff, as it's starting to become a bigger side project. I posted a couple new remixes over there, including my final Chuck D remix (with Flava Flav!) and a David Byrne remix I did. Bon Appetite.

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