Naked on the Meach


I've got a new tune over on Songfight!. It's called "Naked on the Meach". I have no idea what a Meach is, and still don't. I assume it's a noun, but I sort of interpreted it as more a state of mind, a cognitive bliss of sorts. It's back to the old guy and guitar, although I also used mandolin and some keyboard too. I like it. People tell me it sounds like Jimmy Buffett. I chuckle.

Check out all the great tunes on Songfight! and pick your favorite. They are all winners.

Insects Ahead


Insects Ahead is the name of the first collaborative project I ever did with Glenn Case, a truly talented musician if there ever was one. The song "Accelerator" was mostly written and completly arranged by Glenn, although I did write one verse and half of the last chorus i think. It was a really cool effort that led to many more collaborations with Glenn. I did the producing for the original track and i went back and remixed it, thinking that i've maybe learned a few things over the past year about production.

I also did a really short, 45 second piece for an ongoing project called The Songfight Orchestra. My little Aria is called "Glass Eye". or you can listen to the ongoing full length track here. Kudos to Jim of Seattle for a pretty chill idea.

And i did a songfight tune called "The Wrong Girl". written about no one particular girl, but maybe a combination of a few.

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