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I've been pretty absorbed lately in recording other peoples music, either as remixes or as covers. I remixed another Brad Sucks tune for Remixfight! (as MC Jack in the Box). I also recorded another cover for a secret project I can't discuss yet. In fact, i've done this twice now, and what sucks is I have to sit on both songs for another 3-4 weeks. Oh well. Beats procrastinating. As a kick, I also recorded a hypothetical theme song for the ABC TV show "Lost". It's only 30 seconds and I think it's a hoot. Finally, in the quest to get back into doing original material again, I recorded a version of a song I wrote maybe 10 years ago about an ex-girlfriend. It was one of the first songs I ever wrote. Links below......
Bad Attraction (Bradass remix) by MC Jack in the Box
Lost theme by MC Jack in the Box

The return of MC Jack in the Box


that's right. he's back. hide the kids. and the fanboys of brad's originals. this time, in his quest to remix brad sucks' entire CD eventually (i'm up to 5 now!), he's taken the challenge to "look and feel years younger". check out brad's website to hear the original, as well as lots more great music.

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