We All Need Love


Johnny in the Corner is back doing Songfight! with We All Need Love. I did all the music this time and as usual, Johnny Cashpoint did the lyrics and sings it. I'm really happy with how Johnny interpreted the mix I gave him, and think he did a really fabulous job with it, and hopefully others will think so too. Give it a listen and check out all the other fine songs this week over at Songfight!

Speaking of Songfight!, I also participated in a little side skirmish coverfight. The band is the Eagles and my song choice was Peaceful Easy Feeling. When I recorded it last night, it was pouring down rain so I opened my window and recorded a "rain" track for ambience. I was going for a pensive and sort of sad interpretation on it. I always thought the Eagles version was too poppy. But hell, it's their song so what do I know.

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