Mean to Me


Johnny in the Corner (Johnny Cashpoint and I) are back tagteaming this week's Songfight! with "Mean to Me". I played guitar and did some backup vocals to Johnny's little gem about being bullyed as a kid, and by a girl no less! Check out the latest by Johnny in the Corner, and give a listen to all those other fine tunes over on Songfight!



I've got a new Songfight! tune this week called "Courage", which I created using quotes taken from John F. Kennedy's book "Profiles in Courage". I created alot of the mix and arrangement in Garageband, then I took a stereo track of that and imported it into ProTools, and added real guitars, bass, and vocals to the loop based stereo track. I've been playing around alot with Garageband since I got my new Mac, and I really like it so far. I think it makes a great tool for a home based studio, has pretty solid sequencing capabilities, and the best part about it is I got it for free.

Check out all the good tunes on Songfight! this week. They are free too!

Don't Break My Heart Again George Lucas


Now we all know how much Star Wars fans love Jar Jar Binks, that CGI-nightmare that old George thought might prominently draw in the tween demographic, yet mostly served to alienate die hard Star Wars fans. Jar Jar has always been a running joke, one that George refuses to acknowledge any poor decision making over. I love a good running joke, or taking a good joke and running with it, or something like that. So for this weeks Songfight!, The Jet Eye brings the gratuitous use of unlicensed Star Wars samples mingled in with the musings and flow of Pavlov's Dawg. Check it out and don't forget to make liberal use of the force.

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