Punk Bartender


I did a song last week for Songfight! with my virtual buds Johnny and Leaf called "Punk Bartender". Johnny worked up most of the song....he did the lyrics, the arrangement, the vocals, guitar and bass. The interesting part about this project, aside from the fact that the 3 of us live in 3 different countries (USA, Canada, and the UK) and there is about 10,000 physical miles between us), is the logistics were key to making it happen like it did in one day. Johnny uploaded his tracks to my server at 2am his time UK. The nine hour time difference meant Johnny could pass off the production and mixing to me, and Leaf and I had that 9 hour window to get our parts done before the song deadline. Leaf got me his drum tracks around 10pm PST, which gave me a couple hours to mix it all together. We submitted it as "the molsen twins". I thought it turned out pretty good, until Johnny told me I mistracked his vocals by a couple bars. oops. But I still think it fits pretty good and nobody else really noticed it or complained about it. I really like the way the song turned out actually. Johnny said he wanted to give it a Pixies/Frank Black feel and I think we accomplished that pretty good. Hear it for yourself here.

Lush and Green


I've got a new song I've been working on. It's kind of a one off cover request for my friend Glenn. A cover of a song by Grandpa Boy, otherwise known as Paul Westerberg. A really cool song so I thought I'd take a stab at it. I'm still hoping he might send me something to add to it but i still like it pretty good as it is too. You can check it out here.

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