Pleasing pigs and crazy monkees


I've got a couple new recordings I've done lately. One is a cover of fellow songfighter Caravan Ray's tune "Please the Pig". Brody did our own version of this tune so it was kind of cool to do a different version with the same title. I also did a song called "Crazy, Crazy Monkee" for the Sober Irishman's Songskirmish IV. I tried to write a kid's song sort of thing, as the title was picked by 9 year old Madi, singer, songwriter, from Seattle. I blatantly ripped off "the lion sleeps tonight" for the arrangement and made up some quick lyrics for it. I also had to use laughing somewhere in the song, so i sort of made it about someone that is locked up, either in jail or in the nuthouse.

Sleepless in Seattle


Back from a very fun and successful trip to Seattle this past weekend. I played a show with Songfight! legends The Mighty Octothorpe at the Jewel Box Theatre, this great little theatre on Second avenue in downtown Seattle. I played guitar and sang for "The Bloody Hams", this sort of collaborative group du jour for the show, made up of a few random other songfighters that wanted to come and play the show. Ken and I drove up, leaving Berkeley around 7:30 friday night and getting to Seattle around 10am the next morning. Caught a few hours sleep at the hotel and then we were off to meet our bandmates for the first time and practice our set. Leaf and Puce both drove down from British Columbia and Bolio came from Minnesota. We had discussed our set, practiced each others tunes, and other random shit beforehand after i built a blog for it. The practices were great fun and the show went pretty well, all things considered, and of course it wouldn't be a live show without me having issues with my sound/amp. But playing with these guys was a real blast and i'd love to have a reunion show someday. Viva la bloody hams! Oh, and we actually collaborated online for a songfight the week before the show, and the song was so kick ass, it won! The drive home on Monday was long, we did it as another straight shot, getting back to Santa Cruz around 1am, some 16 hours after i left Seattle. Crazy shit but it was worth it.

In other music endeavors, I just wrapped up a remix for Johnny Cashpoint's "The Puppet's Dream". That will be posted on remixfight next month. I'm also playing a show on 10/2 that i'm really excited about. It's the Squirmer 10 year reunion show. Squirmer is the electric band that I played in many years ago, pre-brody days. brody is sort of the acoustic spin-off from Squirmer. Anyhow, it will be great to play with these guys again, and it's back at our old stomping grounds, at Daisy's annual end of summer BBQ in Redwood City. Yeehaw. Can't wait! We may even do a brody mini-set.

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