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Today is the anniversary of John Lennon's death, and for me anyways, it's one of those events that I'll always remember exactly what I was doing when I heard the news. I was actually reading an interview he gave to Playboy (yes, actually reading a Playboy) and was watching Monday Night football when Howard Cosell announced the news. I was completely in shock, as I had the magazine next to me and was reading the interview while watching football. And then came the incredible outpouring of grief afterwards, all the people gathering across the street in the park. A very dark day for rock and roll indeed.

So as a sort of tribute to this often brilliant and misunderstood man, a bunch of my Songfight! friends and I got together to record a little tribute. Featuring the talents and fine efforts of Deshead, Johnny Cashpoint, Kamakura, Caravan Ray, Sausage Boy, Smalltown Mike, MC Paul Denyer, and Spud and Mad Dog from The Mighty Octothorpe. I produced, mixed, did the first verse, guitars, and glockenspiel.

"Give Peace A Chance" - The Songfighter Rainbow Coalition for Peace

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