Don't Judge Me


As a wrap-up to the previously mentioned Nur Ein sidefight, I as a judge was challenged to create a song that incorporated the following non-optional elements.

1. The song must include handclaps
2. The song lyrics cannot rhyme
3. Opposite Sex Vocals
4. Plagarize from one or more of the jurors
5. Bass solo
6. Call and Response
7. Bring your A Game!!!!

so i did it. the handclaps come in the outro, the lyrics don't rhyme, my ball bustin falsetto subs for the female vox, i stole a line from 18 different jurors, i have a bass solo for a bridge, a call and response chorus, and hopefully, somebody will think i brought my A game. for the lyrics, it was a fun exercise. i stole one random line from each of the original artists from the "pencil me in" round that posted their lyrics. 18 total. then from the random lines i chose, i put together the song. i intentionally didn't use any reference to "pencil me in". but i wasn't thinking of how the lines would fit while choosing them, only picking whichever one caught my eye first impression. i really think it all fit together very well lyrically, perhaps better than what i could have written from scratch. sometimes, things have a way of naturally developing without foresight, often in the best way.

here are the lyrics as i arranged the lines:

although i judge don't judge me

gonna keep my options open (tex beaumont)
i know you only got so much time to spend (ross durand)
she woke the next morning, took the first train (noah)
a night of love a night of lust a night good old sin (kamakura)

don't draw lines in black and white (sven)
might not be the best but i'm persistent (remiss)
two minutes, two minutes, two minutes to blow the lot (sausage boy)
it's time to carpe diem, the time is overdue (stueym)

although i judge don't judge me

watching the rain run down the window (the bewells)
dreaming of the moment that you make the sun shine (leaf)
saying the wrong thing has always been my thing (deshead)
because i'm bound to make some mistakes (glenn case)
and with some luck the end result is gonna ring true (jim tyrrell)
if you can find the motivation (heuristics inc.)
you've gone where it's so unfair (jolly roger)
i arrived late but i always come first (denyer)
don't forget to wear a smile (wreckdom)
don't cry don't see the language of me (thornberry)

although i judge don't judge me

all lyrics except the title/chorus from the Nur Ein "pencil me in" lyric archive. as credited.

anyways, although i judge, Don't Judge Me. enjoy.

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