A Little More Than Soup


I was virtually born from Songfight!, and to this day my all time favorite Songfight! song remains Starfinger's "More Than Soup". This song is pure genius on so many levels. So it was with great trepidation that i decided to remix it recently, knowing full well how much I loved the original. But at the same time, it was pretty challenging to tackle a remix of a song i had listened to a thousand times and never get sick of hearing. The original arrangement is so bored into my skull, it would be hard to break myself from that thought process and try something different. Out of respect for the original, I decided to leave the original vocal track completely intact and unedited (i added a bit of reverb). Then i built around the original vocal track using the original loops, as well as loops i took from reason and garageband.

A Little More Than Soup - Starfinger remixed



I've got 3 new covers I just wrapped up for The Double Shot Independence Day Secret Hxaro, a little Songfight! side project I recently took part in. It honors Ken Mahru and Johnny Cashpoint, 2 really terrific recording artists that I've worked with alot in the past, and really enjoy working with and knowing. Great guys deserving of a nice tribute by other songfighters. I posted links to my 3 songs below.

"Space Cadet" - Ken Mahru cover
"Between the Rain" - Johnny Cashpoint cover
"Season Finale" - Ken Mahru cover

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