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Jack is back, wearing the honorary beard for this week's Songfight Orchestra. Lot's of good stuff on Songfight! this week so go over there and pick your favorite.



I recently added another Brad Sucks song to my remix hitlist. I've remixed a number of his other songs, and one of these days I'm determined to have remixed his entire album. Brad just finished up the final production work on his first full fledged CD, which you can get from his website. I highly encourage anyone not familiar with Brad's music to check it out and support a really fine, truly indie musician.

Brad Sucks - Overreacting.
My Remix.

Red Flag revisited


Red Flag by brody is the second song I ever recorded for Songfight! and was written and recorded with my friend Eric a couple years ago. I had some free time recently and took a stab at a solo version of the song. I really love the original version, so what I tried to do with my solo version is take it in a different direction instead of just trying to replicate it. You can check out my new version of brody's "Red Flag" by clicking here.

The Blue Signal remixed


I got a really cool surprise when I found out my virtual music bud Dr. Kong Balong, otherwise known as Starfinger, otherwise known as Craig Tanis busted out a remix of an old Songfight! tune I did called "The Blue Signal". Very cool and fun take on the original. You can check out Craig's remix here, and check out all his other fine music on his website while you're at it.

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