2 for The Redmons


I recently recorded a couple new tunes (both covers) for the king of all things tartpop, Phil Redmon. This was all part of a super secret project a bunch of artists put together for his 30th birthday. You can find out more about it here. Phil is a longtime contributor at Songfight, where he generally records as Abominominous, or with his wife Heather as The Hell Yeahs.

I actually covered 2 songs for this project. The first is a cover of the Hell Yeahs classic "Beauty is a Burden". The other tune is a cover of what I'd consider one of the greatest songs of all time on Songfight, the Abominominous classic "Lucky Man". I recorded my version in one very long day, and mostly did it out of necessity as a possible backup for someone else, but then that someone else came through and I had already put alot of work into it, so I decided to finish it anyways.

"Beauty is a Burden" (Hell Yeahs cover) - Jack Shite

"Lucky Man" (Abominominous cover) - Santa's Little Helper

10 Lies


Well I finally got off my lazy ass and put together a somewhat original piece of music for this week's Songfight. I think it's been over a year since I last did a solo songfight.
Head over to Songfight and go listen to all those other fine, probably much better versions of said title and pick your favorite.

If you can't wait until the fight gets posted or if you're just too lazy to head over there, you can hear my latest song "10 Lies" here.

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