The Return of the Bloody Hams


Well, I'm back in the Songfight! ring again this week, as a member of the internet supergroup The Bloody Hams. The tune was written by Bolio, our virtual keyboardist who lives in Minnesota. I do the tremolo, acoustic, and overdriven guitars, some backup vocals, and a bunch of harmony oohs and ahhs. Fellow Molsen Twin Leaf from Quadra Island, BC kicks in some killer drums and bass. Ken does the vocals and some guitar, and production-god Puce does the mixing, adds some nice touches like the bells, and basically is the glue that brought this all together. I honestly had my doubts on this tune as we really scrambled to the last minute and once again Puce had to pull a late night production session to get it done. I was blown away by the final product and just re-affirms why I refer to Puce as a production-god. Check out the awesomeness of The Bloody Hams doing A & A, and while you're at it, check out all those other fine songs on Songfight! too.

The Gift of Music


A bunch of folks from Songfight! recently surprised me by secretly covering a whole bunch of my songs. This is arguably the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. A really amazing effort by a very talented and giving group of recording artists that i am blessed to be associated with. Check them out here.

Pasty White Man


Well, this week anyway I am certainly the pasty white man of Songfight!. My nom-du-jour is Luco Brazzi and it's my strange, warped foray into the world of 4 mile white boy rap and mashups. I've been wanting to try my hand at a mashup lately, so I settled on taking two songs by Brad Sucks (or I should say loops from) and mashing them into a new mix with new drums I created. I sampled out guitar, bass, harmony vocals, and random noises from Brad's "Borderline" and "Dirtbag" songs, with his blessing of course. Then i added a bunch of vocal nonsense over that and the result is one seriously pasty white man.

On top of that, if the stars are in alignment, there is a good chance that there will be another appearance of the Molsen Twins in the same songfight. I really like what Johnny has come up with and sent him a bunch of tracks, and heard Leaf's drums which sound kickin as usual, so I'm excited about this one too.

All this musical madness is playing out here.

The Sweetleaves


The Sweetleaves is the latest virtual collaboration with my brochahcho from the great white north, Leaf from Quadra island, BC. We tackled the classic Mighty Octothorpe song Skyline, for OctoFest!, a virtual "festival" celebrating all things Octothorpe. It was my idea to do it as a reggae sort of arrangement so I did a rough mix and sent it to Leaf, who recorded the drums, wah guitar, and much of the background crowd noise (his friends and family helped alot). I did everything else and mixed it all. I really like how it turned out, Leaf's stuff is killer and I love the fact it sounds nothing like the original while retaining the same lyrics and chord progression. You can check out the latest from The Sweetleaves here.

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