Remixfight! rising from the ashes

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I've been doing some pro-bono for Remixfight!, the fledgling community of loop-based recording artists that Bryan Baker set up. Bryan is a man of many projects and little time and as such, the site was in need of more support from the community at large so I stepped up and started helping out with the updates. There's currently a really good project underway, a remix of Future Boy's "Brown Boxes", which i'd never heard before starting this remix. It's a pretty cool song too! I've downloaded the loopset and have started to put something together, and I have until the end of the month to finish it.

brody has been working on this secret stealth project for a couple months now. Unfortunately, our schedules are pretty whack this month and it looks like it might be a few weeks before Eric and I can get together and record any more new material. I've been working on stuff seperately for this project but we get alot done when we can work together in the same space.

No songfight this week for Jack. although, i'm itching to collaborate with Leaf62. And i have this collaborative thing i've been working on with obscurity, which i hope to wrap up very soon.

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