Secret Ceremony

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Johnny in the Corner (Johnny Cashpoint and I) return to this week's Songfight! fray with "Secret Ceremony". I actually recorded all of the music for this (minus the backing vocals) last Monday while waiting for the titles to show up. After recording the backing mix, and still having no title yet, I emailed J$ and asked him if he wanted to, to pick a title and work up some lyrics and a vocal track for it. I really like what he came up with. This was a pretty unique collaboration for me, as this is possibly the first and only time I've given up a song i've recorded to someone else to write the lyrics and vocal arrangement. I really had no doubts or reservations as far as Johnny was concerned as the more I worked on the mix, the more it became evident to me that I wanted him to sing it and I was arranging it with that in mind. Thanks again to Johnny Cashpoint for another fun and inspired collaboration. If you're really wanting to hear it and can't wait for the update, you can probably listen to it here.

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