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I've been doing alot of remixes lately, mostly as a means of improving my studio techniques without having to get too hell bent creative on writing something completely new. It's been good practice for me and it's loads of fun too. I've posted a few links below to some of the recent remixes i've done. I've also posted links to the originals for comparative purposes. 2 of the recent remixes i've done have been by brad sucks, who's provided a great set of loops to work with (and he's a really terrific songwriter and producer as well). the other features a remix of johnny cashpoint, a recording artist i've worked with numerous times in the past, usually as "johnny in the corner". i really like johnny's song that i remixed, "the puppets dream". i think it's one of my favorite songs of his. i'm also working on yet another brad sucks remix (this one for remixfight!), as well as a remix of a jute gyte tune, another songfight recording artist. So as you can see, I've been playing producer more than songwriter as of late, but it's been good fun and hope people enjoy the remixes.
Brad Sucks "Making Me Nervous"
Brad Sucks "Dirtbag"
Johnny Cashpoint's "The Puppet's Dream"

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